• Paraben free
  • Silicone free
  • SLS free
  • Natural active ingredients

Color fixator wheat germ shampoo

Color fixator wheat germ shampoo

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Shampoo for colored hair



Thanks to its acid pH, this shampoo allows a daily wash for your colored hair. By retracting the scales of the hair , it enables to reduce the leak of artificial pigments and protect the color intensity.

Rich in wheat germ proteins and A, E and F vitamins, it helps to fortify and protect hair, weakened by repeated hair colors.


Hair regains strength and shine ; color is radiant and protected for a long time.

Paraben, silicone, SLS, colorant free.

28,00 €

  • 250 ml

The formula of this shampoo is lightly foaming, it enables a frequent use without washing out the color. Apply to wet hair, massage until obtaining a light foam and rinse. If necessary, repeat the operation then rinse abundantly.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Since its acid pH can make hair squeaky, I recommend to always apply the color fixator wheat germ mask afterwards,  a “must” to detangle, fortify and protect your colored hair. Leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes then rinse abundantly.


Alternate the color fixator wheat germ shampoo and the color fixator wheat germ mask with the cleansing mask with lemon (1 out of 4 shampoos) to provide other nutrients.


Catherine Deneuve Vogue No. 843
"The day before she colors her hair, she coats it with Lavender Oil. At home, she treats it with the Wheat Germ Shampoo and Mask, alternating with the cleansing cream with lemon that brings out the blond color. Even when her hair is bleached almost white, her strict haircare routine keeps it looking perfect."

Alexandra Golovanoff ELLE
Paris Première's Miss Mode shares her beauty secret with us: "I treat my blond hair with Christophe Robin shampoos, clarifying or wheat germ."

    By Sandrine V. on 13 Sept. 2014 :


    Ce shampoing est d'une douceur incomparable, il tient la couleur, mes boucles sont bien formées. Je l'adore